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“When you turn in from the country road onto the gravel track, that’s when you see the avenue of trees leading up to the Chateau. The very next second, far in the distance, you see the gates, with the sun and shade dancing in the wind between the leaves of the young oak trees. When we passed the granite pillars my wife cried out, ‘It feels like my shoulders have dropped two metres’.”

Quote from the guestbook

As the owner it’s difficult to describe what’s so special about Grand Val, but we discovered the same feeling as the person describes above when we visited the Chateau for the first time back in 1990. As the years have passed we hear variations on the same theme, year after year, from both young and old.

The secret behind the “Grand Val feeling” is probably its distinct calm and tranquillity. The gentle quietness, interrupted only by the sound of birdsong, cattle lowing in the distance and the neighbour’s cockerel on the other side of the ponds. Taking one of the many, wonderful country walks helps you experience a real French chestnut forest.

It’s hard to describe the feeling as you slowly follow the stream in the green ravine, stop by the walled spring, and know that people have been coming here for 600 years to collect water for the chateau.

Going to the pond behind the old chapel to fish with the grandchildren and catch something. Size doesn’t matter, but the moment does. Waking in the morning and looking out over the valley and seeing Combourg wake up. Walking to the baker to buy warm, freshly baked croissants for breakfast – that’s Grand Val.


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