Hunting trips at Grand Val

We organise different types of hunting activity where the quality of the hunt is just as important as the quantity of the kill. Hunting at Grand Val introduces you to a different hunting culture followed by some magnificent dining and fine wines in the château’s dining hall. Then you can always enjoy a good cigar and some excellent cognac beside the fire in the library. Together with our chef you can also learn how to make duck pâté to take home with you, or pop over to our neighbours to buy some Calvados.

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Three hunting trips arranged during the season (end of September to end of December) To make sure we can properly take care of our hunting guests we arrange just three hunts each season. Each event must have 6 hunters, and everyone should know each other reasonably well.

You and your friends stay and dine in the château for four nights, with three full days of hunting.
We offer the following type of hunting:

  • Pheasant and Reeve’s pheasant hunting with three dog handlers and three pointers
  • Duck hunting with dog handlers and retrievers, day-time or in the evening
  • Wild boar hunt from hunting tower, a highly exclusive form of hunting
  • Hunting with our local hunting team. Wild boar, fox, roedeer, etc.
  • Bird hunting in Mont St. Michel bay

We’ll help you with all the hunting equipment, guns, licences, etc. We can give you personal references from Swedish hunters who have enjoyed hunting with us.

We bid you a warm welcome!

Marie & Roland Nilsson

PS. We both speak and write English and Swedish, and have reasonable knowledge of French. We will be there to assist you during the hunt.

Proposal for a hunting trip for 6 people

Here we share an example of a hunting holiday at Grand Val in the autumn 2016.
Six friends came and stayed with us to go hunting for three days. Below you can see their requirements and our quotation. Naturally, your requirements could be different, and we will tailor your trip to match those requirements.

Quotation for a hunting holiday
We propose that you arrive here on Thursday 29 September and stay till Monday 3 October. You can have the entire château to yourselves and 6 is the perfect number.

We propose the following activities

You arrive at Grand Val on Thursday afternoon and are shown your rooms. When you have unpacked and setlled in we’ll serve champagne in the library and talk you through what has been planned. Then we’ll go through to the dining room for a buffet dinner, featuring some lovely local cuisine from Brittany.

We’ll start the day with a hearty breakfast and then go hunting for pheasant with our pointer dogs. Three dog handlers with dogs will accompany us. Lunch will be served in the château and then we’ll go back out hunting pheasants, followed by some duck hunting. The afternoon will be rounded off with a lovely little surprise in our kitchen. In the evening you can expect an excellent four-course dinner with fine wines served in our dining room. Everything will be prepared and served by our French chef. After dinner we’ll go through to the library for coffee and liquers.

After breakfast we’ll visit another château near Rennes where we will hunt for Reeve’s pheasant with pointer dogs. We’ll have lunch there and carry on hunting in the afternoon. When we get back to Grand Val we’ll get ready for a trip to our favourite restaurant nearby. Then we’ll return for cigars and liquers in the library and maybe you’ll share your best hunting stories with us.

After breakfast we’ll meet some French farmers to see how they go hunting. We will be looking for wild boar, so will use slugs or Brenneke, and we’ll also use shot if we come across deer or fox. You’ll have a chance to practice your French, try some local pastries and taste the wine. There will be a simple lunch at the château, and then more hunting. We’ll finish off the day with some duck shooting. We’ll crown your holiday with a fine dinner served in the yellow room featuring some excellent seafood.

After breakfast it will be time to say goodbye. On top of this we have some small surprises lined up that should make your stay with us memorable.

The following is included in the price

4 nights in the château in single rooms, including breakfast

Champagne and snacks on arrival

3 dinners at the château (You buy your own dinner at the restaurant on Friday evening separately)

4 x coffee and liquers

I pheasant hunt with dogs for our own pheasants, and 1 duck hunt

1 event making duck päté with our own chef, you take home your own pâté

1 partridge hunt and Reeve’s pheasant hunt with pointer dogs.

I hunt with the neighbours and 1 duck hunt in the evening

6 hunting licences (three days)

Some small surprises

Price: 8,370€ (1,395€/person)

Car or bus hire will be charged extra as agreed

Best regards,

Roland och Marie